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Schedule Match December 2019

TV Bola 2
Match Schedule | Wednesday - 18 December 2019
12:30 AM Mainz Bremen
2:30 AM Dortmunt Leipzig
2:30 AM Hoffenheim Union Berlin
2:30 AM Augsburg Fortuna
Match Schedule | Thursday - 19 December 2019
12:30 AM Hertha Leverkusen
12:55 AM Juventus Sampdoria
2:00 AM Real Madrid Barcelona
2:30 AM Gladbach Paderborn
2:30 AM Wolfsburg Schalke
2:30 AM Bayern Freiburg
2:30 AM Frankfurt FC Koin
2:45 AM Sassuolo Brescia
Match Schedule | Saturday - 21 December 2019
2:30 AM Dortmunt Hoffenheim
2:45 AM Fiorentina AS Roma
3:00 AM Granada Elbar
7:00 PM Mallorca Sevilla
7:30 PM Arsenal Everton
9:00 PM Cagliari Udinese
9:30 PM Bremen FC Koin
9:30 PM Bayern Mainz
9:30 PM Schalke Freiburg
9:30 PM Bayern Wolfsburg
9:30 PM Leipzig Augsburg
10:00 PM Newcastle Crystal
10:00 PM Southampton Aston Villa
10:00 PM Norwich Wolves
10:00 PM Sheff Utd Brighton
10:00 PM Bournemouth Burnley
10:00 PM Barcelona Alaves
Match Schedule | Sunday - 22 December 2019
12:00 AM Inter Milan Genoa
12:30 AM Villarreal Getape
12:30 AM Gladbach Hertha
12:30 AM Man City Leicester
2:45 AM Torino SPAL
2:45 AM Nice Toulouse
2:45 AM Saint Stasbourg
2:45 AM Angers Nantes
2:45 AM Monaco Lille
2:45 AM Dijon Metz
2:45 AM Marselle Nimes
2:45 AM Reims Lyon
2:45 AM PSG Amiens
2:45 AM Bordeaux Rennes
2:45 AM Montpellier Brest
3:00 AM Valladolid Valladolid
6:00 PM Leganes Espanyol
6:30 PM Atalanta AC Milan
8:00 PM Sociedad Osasuna
9:00 PM Bologna Lecce
9:00 PM Parma Brescia
9:00 PM Man Utd Watford
9:30 PM Union Berlin Fortuna
10:00 PM Betis Atletico
11:30 PM Tottenham Chelsea

Then there is an interesting event from the history of ancient football during the era of the king Edward in England had a ban on the game of football appeared because of so many acts of violence that lead to brutal acts because they do not have rules that are so clear but in 1369 King Edward 3 ago lift the ban and allow soccer to be reinstated again by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1570 the ban was issued without compromise by imposing harsh sanctions. Anyone who played football at that time would be sentenced to prison until finally at the end of 1680 and King Charles immediately lifted the ban while providing protection to anyone who wanted to play football in England

The history of modern soccer began in England marked by the establishment of a football association organization through a meeting of 11 representatives of the football associations that existed at the association at the meeting established a series of single rules of soccer games then these regulations were followed by the Scottish and Irish Wheels soccer associations in line With the development and progress of world football, the International De Football Association Federation was established or what we know as Syifa in Paris was attended by 7 countries, namely Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. These countries were then appointed as the first FIFA members chaired by Robert wearing which originated in France the development of soccer in the world until finally in 1908 the national team soccer game was not into the Olympics the first world championship activity for a soccer game or the World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1932 there was something unique Beyond the soccer game technique that must be noted is the success of being the first television station that successfully aired a football game in 1938. In 1966 the reply feature was used in every teacher that happened on television broadcasting football has become one of the most popular sports in the whole world