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In 1872 in a British conductor match there was a dilemmatic event where the ball was kicked in between the goalposts but the ball hovered at a height of 10 m from the ground in other words the ball was a higher value than the two goalposts that had a solution for several the year since the event was installed a kind of rope or ribbon as high as 2.4 meters as a barrier to the goal that was tied at the two goalposts in 1882 the rope or ribbon was replaced into a pole or crossbar based on the crossbar made of wood or iron and the shape and its size has become a game so far this year the empty field began to be given a circular rectangle and a center divider field, 5 years later or more precisely in 1887 to make the game more organized so a special area was created for the crossbar on each side the field is drawn history 18 which sat u 16.4 m from the goal line at each goalpost also added 2 half-circle radius of 5.5 m to make it easier for the keeper to load his side after that the middle of the field began to be modified by adding a circle with a radius of 9 meters to surround the midpoint beside it line 12 y 110.9 m from the goal line began to be introduced in this year the line is the line that marks the beginning of the penalty area is different from the current penalty area that can be done along the line 12 that at that time can freely can choose want kick a penalty from anywhere as long as the ball is placed above the line.

In 1902 the size of the field was initially 180 * 90 m would be 9 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 m for the width of the line 18 y 16 x 4 meters which was originally a goal keeper line modified into a penalty box in which there was a modification penalty point from penalty line 12 while city Q is a modification of the two 5.5 m half circles surrounding the pole in 1937 the addition of a half circle on the top side of the penalty box Since then the shape and size of the football field has not changed too much and the addition of a quarter circle every corner of the field is done to put the ball in when the corner kicks the most recent thing to do in 2008 is the standardization of the size of the field for international matches with a minimum length of 105 m and a width of 65 m football field occurs because it adjusts the rules and standards that develop from time to time and ball associations throughout d unia must do research to set standards and possibly modify the soccer field again so that soccer is a favorite sport and produces to be played or watched.