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The normal duration of a football match is 2 x 45 minutes and is added to a break of about 15 minutes between the two rounds. However, if the position between the two players is balanced, there will be an extension of the time of about 2 x 15 minutes until a winner is obtained. But if it's still a draw, penalties will apply. The referee may also specify an additional time at the end of the round, which replaces time lost due to substitutions, injured players who need help or interruption from the player and others. The extra time for the name is generally referred to as injury time or break time.

It is a fact, that football is the type of sport that has more fans worldwide. Soccer has no ethnic, political or religious restrictions. Even football can unite people all over the world and forget differences and disputes. In Indonesia, football is a very popular game. The soccer game is done with the goal of putting the ball in the opponent's goal as much as possible and keeping the goal in itself so as not to conquer the opponent's ball.