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Ball games in Japan are played by dribbling made of deer skin and referred to as a primary soccer game of this kind and are also found in countries like Rome, England, Mexico, Central America to ancient Egypt, which has played soccer by also using those made of rubber. In an interesting event in the history of football during the reign of King Edward in England, there was a ban on the game of football because there were so many acts of violence that led to brutal actions because they did not have clear rules, but in 1369 King Edward 3 then lifted the ban and again allowed the game of football but gradually this soccer game was again again banned by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1572 the ban was issued without compromise by setting very strict sanctions for anyone who played football at that time it would be condemned um jail until finally fresh wind blows in the late 1680s King Charles 2 immediately lifted the ban while providing protection to anyone who wanted to play.

Football in England The history of modern football begins in England marked by the establishment of a football association organization through a meeting of 11 representatives of the football associations in this meeting established a series of single rules of soccer games then these regulations were followed by the Scottish and Irish Wheels soccer associations. in line with the development and progress of world football the International Football Association Federation was established or better known as FIFA, in Paris the formation of FIFA was attended by 7 countries that were not Spanish Sweden Switzerland Belgium and the Netherlands these countries were then designated as the first FIFA members to be chaired by Robert guerin from France the development of soccer in the world continued until finally in 1908 the soccer game was included in the Olympic Games the first world championship for soccer or the World Cup was held in Uruguay in in 1930 there was something unique outside the soccer game technique that must be noted that the success of the division which became the first television station that successfully aired a soccer game in 1938 In 1966 used the reply feature in every goal that occurred on television broadcasting football had become one of the most popular sports in the whole world

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Historically, this sport has been known in China since the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC, during the Han Dynasty. At that time the Chinese used leather balls and killed them in small nets.

Until finally in 1904. FIFA (Football International Football Association) was formed. FIFA is an international football governing body founded in 1904. May 21 Paris, France.

In a nutshell, a description of football, history, and rules is briefly described. I hope this article will be useful.

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This game really requires foot and leg skills. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands while in the goal area. However, if the area is out of the net then it becomes a violation In the game of football there are three lines of players, namely (1) a line of attackers, (2) a line of midfielders, and (3) a line of defense. This rearguard has the duty to defend and protect in dangerous areas from the goal of the opponent's attack. In carrying out this main task, there are certain ways, tasks, patterns, tactics or strategies that are understood. Football game aims to put the ball into the goal and try to keep the goal itself so as not to enter the ball. This game is played in 2 rounds. Each round consists of 45 minutes. The rest period between the two rounds is 10 minutes. The team that scores the most goals in the match is declared victorious, if the score of the goal is the same then it is drawn and an extra time or penalty shootout will be held.

Therefore, with many football lovers around the world who always want to watch the matches of the favorite team playing in the green field, but because of limited distance, many live streaming sites have emerged to treat people's love to watch their favorite teams compete. privertv which will present from the updated schedule, watching live, until the score update at fulltime.

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The normal duration of a football match is 2 x 45 minutes and is added to a break of about 15 minutes between the two rounds. However, if the position between the two players is balanced, there will be an extension of the time of about 2 x 15 minutes until a winner is obtained. But if it's still a draw, penalties will apply. The referee may also specify an additional time at the end of the round, which replaces time lost due to substitutions, injured players who need help or interruption from the player and others. The extra time for the name is generally referred to as injury time or break time.

It is a fact, that football is the type of sport that has more fans worldwide. Soccer has no ethnic, political or religious restrictions. Even football can unite people all over the world and forget differences and disputes. In Indonesia, football is a very popular game. The soccer game is done with the goal of putting the ball in the opponent's goal as much as possible and keeping the goal in itself so as not to conquer the opponent's ball.

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Founded in 1899 by a group of English players and catalans led by John the image of Barcelona has become a symbol of catalan culture and catalanism which has a motto which means more than a club unlike many other football clubs supporters have and operate Barcelona supporters or Barcelona supporters have the nickname of cules which comes from the word majors in Spanish about 25% of the population is said to be Barca sympathizer.

The cage from Barcelona is know taken from the catalan language which means the stadium's new pitch began to open in 1957 its capacity is 98772 seats have lots of awards ranging from Legend 8 Copa Del Rey 12 supercopa De Espana 3 Eva duarte and 2 Copa De La league trophies Barcelona has also won 5 Champions League trophies, 45 UEFA Super Cups and 3 FIFA Club World Cup records.

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The club that was founded in 1847 has a nickname for the Republic of Indonesia which refers to the color of the black and white jersey used as their enclosure. black and black pants in accordance with the rules of dress at that time the meaning of pink in a CV uniform is to play sincerely in honor of the historic jersey that made pink as the 1986 1967 2003-2004 season and most recently the 2011-2012 jersey.

In the beginning of the 2011-2012 Juventus season, the big stars in front of the pink stars and black stars, the two stars symbolize the success of scudetto for more than 20 times, this time the Serie A title was won by Andrea Pirlo CS. The victory is believed to be the third victory. the star in the long jersey Juventus season and a proud achievement.

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Various interesting shows have been aired a lot on television stations. One of them is watching football which is very much a fan. Not only in Indonesia, but the whole world has been very fond of this one sport. Watching a soccer match does not necessarily have to come immediately to the stadium or television in your home. Now watching football sports shows can be via Android mobile, laptop, tablet etc.

Therefore, thankful for the sophistication in this modern era. Because it is very practical to access all the exciting spectacle watching including watching soccer. watch with HD quality, no buffering etc.

Many leagues that we show here, including: Serie A league, Spanish league, Champions league, LA league, English league etc. Not just watching live but we also present the match schedule for today and the day before it. Various benefits can be felt with this streaming, one of the practicalities is accessing our site with gadgets that we always carry with us whenever and wherever we travel.